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Jacqueline Rowe Clinical Reflexologist

For me, reflexology is a way of connecting with people, showing compassion, helping them towards healing when they are unwell and supporting their overall well-being.


My training as a reflexologist in 2011 with the International Institute of Reflexology saw me become a member of the Association of Reflexologists (AOR). The AOR ensures its members are trained to a guaranteed professional level, are fully insured and have expert practice skills, maintained through mandatory continuing professional development.


After over 20 years of nursing, I rescinded my nursing registration in 2018 to concentrate exclusively on my clinical reflexology practice and since then I have been helping my clients on their journey to relaxation and overall wellbeing.

About Jacqueline Rowe

Clearing mental stress

I first became aware of reflexology as a 17 year old, when I read an article on reflexology and saw a foot map in a mainstream newspaper.


Later, when I was working in a busy hospital respiratory unit, I was drawn to seeing a reflexologist on several occasions for no other reason than I felt instinctively that it could help with all the stress I was experiencing at work. It did; I felt I had more positivity and energy to continue my work.

I didn’t see a reflexologist for treatment again until I fell pregnant the first, second and third time! Every woman’s pregnancy experience is completely unique: I believed that, for me, the reflexology made a massive difference in reducing unwanted symptoms, keeping me relaxed and made for a more beneficial birthing experience.

Like many other complementary therapists, experiencing the beneficial effects of therapeutic, healing energy was a powerful drive to want to share this knowledge with others.

Training & Qualifications

  • Qualified nurse (over 24 years nursing experience)

  • Bachelor of Nursing (1st class Hons)

  • International Institute of Reflexologists Diploma

  • Advanced reflexology techniques training

  • Manzanares reflexology training

  • Maternity reflexology training

  • Nerve reflexology training for low back or pelvic pain

  • Pain in female reproductive health training

  • Vertical reflexology training

  • Baby and toddler reflexology training

  • Osteopathic Reflexology Approach techniques

  • Reflexology Lymphatic Drainage Training

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