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Revitalise, Rebalance, Restore, Relax

Reflexology provides the essential relaxation that we need to revitalise our bodies,

restore our emotional equilibrium and rebalance our mental wellbeing.

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  • Reflexology promotes good sleep

  • Reflexology releases tension

  • Reflexology improves mood

  • Reflexology induces relaxation

  • Reflexology can help reduce pain

Feeling off- beat? Treat your feet.

If your foundations are off balance - the rest of you will be awry.


Reflexology is a subtly powerful, drug free method that rebalances the flow of energy within the body and mind in order to bring relaxation and harmony. Working specific areas on the feet (also hands, ears, or face) has an beneficial effect on corresponding organ and systems of the body.


Treating your feet with reflexology can help you get back on track and feeling better than ever!

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About Jacaranda Reflexology

Founded in 2011, Jacaranda Reflexology aims to look after a person's well being through a therapeutic and clinical reflexology treatment.


Reflexology relieves stress and tension and in doing so revitalises our body, restores our emotional equilibrium and rebalances our mental well being.


Not just focusing on your symptoms—reflexology is used to find and treat the root of the problem so you can get back to doing the things you love to do!


Enquire today for an appointment to begin your healing journey.




Jacqueline has very healing hands, after an hour's treatment
you feel like you are walking on air. Very professional,
personable and knowledgeable. If you get the chance to book,
you will keep returning! Amazing feeling of wellbeing.


Jacqueline’s expert knowledge is remarkable and now I know
why so many people kept recommending her. She is absolutely outstanding, book now and don’t miss out on a 5 star treatment!


Wow! Jacqueline is a superstar with magic hands! I must say, I
am usually the most sceptical of people when it comes to most
things, and not the best patient in the world either, but after a
short session from Jacqueline, she really helped my recovery



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